Efficiency is where calmness prevails - intelligent energy management.

    In a world of limited resources, the realisation that energy should be used carefully and
    intelligently as a matter of course has been reflected in our daily actions for many years.
    Proof is best afforded here by our entrance/exit terminals In & Out, which reveal by far the
    lowest power consumption in their class. The new terminals are based on our proven ABACUS
    operating system. This means they feature all the groundbreaking new developments that
    have emphatically underpinned DESIGNA's technological market leadership, including first
    and foremost state-of-the-art RFID and networking technologies.Just how much development know-how is concealed within the terminals is shown by the
    innovative energy management system. The machine stays in the sleep mode for as long
    as no vehicle activity is registered - this effectively cuts the energy requirement. However,
    a vehicle approaching is registered by an induction loop and the terminal operating mode
    immediately activated. An illuminated ring around the ticket slot is a visual help for the
    driver in pointing out the next operating step. The very embodiment of efficient handling.