Pay station

    Pay DESIGNA' s new pay station. Unbeatable.

    Thanks to the new Pay pay station, that perfect synthesis of design and function is being paraded on the grey-in-grey automatic pay station market. The completely revised pay station now allows DESIGNA's passion for innovation to become externally apparent. For the first time we have a pay station consistently responding to customer needs - and not the other way round.

    Both an exemplary design and a revolutionary operating concept ensure an
    absolutely modern appearance and a unique convenience of operation. By using self-explanatory icons on the gleaming user front of the side panel, users are navigated on a step-by-step basis from the top downwards to the next item. This makes adjustments unnecessary for the various languages since the icons reveal the next operating step in a transnational way. Information and interaction are clearly separated from each other. The result is a completely different understanding of what operating involves.
    The services provided by the new pay station define a new standard of its own.